Time Vision - Past, Present, and Future

We all have close friends, whether we’ve known them for a few months or a few years. In my case, I have known each member (I should say friend) since middle school. I speak for everyone on our Time Vision team when I say that, we all enjoy each other’s company, perspectives, ideas, and opinions. And there is absolutely nothing better than working with your close friends to reach a common goal of creating an emotionally driven YouTube channel!

With this short blog post, I aim to briefly take you through Time Vision’s past, present, and future. This will be an introduction for you, and will outline certain milestones/accomplishments we’ve experienced. For the team and I, it will remind us of how far we’ve come and where we want to be - insert Drake’s “Started From the Bottom” soundtrack.

The Past

Basically, we started this channel for fun back in August 2012 where we posted our high-school films that we entered for our film festivals. These submissions got great feedback from our fellow students and teachers (judges). When I look back at these videos I realize how amateurish they were in comparison to how they are now in terms of production and editing - shout out to Maaz Khan, our camera-man. You and all of us have come a long way since then. It’s pretty awesome watching your video on the big screen at your school’s assembly and hearing everyone laughs and jump-scares to your mediocre scary moments.


  • Won 1st place at our school’s annual film festival

  • Created a video called “Too Quick to Judge” with 11+ million views - and still counting!

  • Worked with great clients such as Coca-Cola, TDSB, and Amazon Kindle

  • Currently have 12 million total video views (needs to get better)

  • Have a community of 50,000 subscribers (definitely needs to get better)

The Present

We are aware of the biggest challenge we face with regards to our YouTube channel - consistency. And that is something any channel must overcome and maintain in order to be successful. As a result, we are currently brainstorming new ideas of videos that can tackle this issue. We want to create a series that will connect us to our audience and let them engage with us through the YouTube platform. In addition, we want to establish our personalities in front of the camera to further enhance that connection/engagement between us and the viewers. As a result, we’ve started a series of videos that can be uploaded once a week called “Time Vision Talks.” These videos enable us to create a friendly atmosphere while we talk about serious topics, trends, or anything we find interesting and share our opinions. As for our subscribers, engagement will be requested as we ask for their opinions, what they agree and disagree with, and what they want us to talk about next.

The Future

The future is bright and I like to stay optimistic! Therefore, we have big plans on the horizon and goals we want to reach. Mainly, we want to take advantage of creating a Web Series for CBC as we’ve met with representatives and talked to them about some ideas and what they expect from us. This means we need to create a pilot and pitch it to them and hopefully we can create an online Web Series for “CBC Gem” - their online streaming service.

Another main idea I have is that just because we are a team of storytellers, does not mean that we always have to be together in front of the camera. Individually, we want each person to pick up the camera and create their own style of videos (whatever it may be). This goes back to my point of establishing a personality for each of us, and these kinds of individual videos won’t be receptive if without it. Personally, I am passionate about cars and gaming. Although we have a couple of cars videos on the channel we need more. And gaming is a big category for YouTube and I have experience in it since I ran my personal channel before. Sky’s the limit!

What’s the Plan?

  • Continue our Time Vision Talks series to generate consistency for the channel and our subscribers

  • Create a pilot episode for CBC that involves comedic-drama, sort of like my favourite show “The Office”

  • Reach at least 75,000 subscribers by the end of 2019

  • Create individual playlists of stylized videos based on each member’s interests/hobbies

Thank you for reading my first ever blog post, and I hope you enjoyed it. As Michael Scott would say… I mean Wayne Gretzky ;)